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Fwd: Mozillian News: Open Web Apps, Mozilla Persona and more.

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From: Todd Simpson - Mozilla <>
Date: Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 15:19
Subject: Mozillian News: Open Web Apps, Mozilla Persona and more.

Hello Mozillians:

2012 is off to a busy start! We're quickly seeing many of our important initiatives gain traction thanks to everyone's hard work. The next few weeks will bring a lot of news and developments - especially as we head into Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain (February 27 - March 1). We'll do our best to keep everyone apprised and provide opportunities for discussion.

Today, we wanted to share a few important milestones and developments which are central to Open Web Apps and our Identity work:

Mozilla Web Apps: Today we shared that the Mozilla Marketplace will be open for developer submissions starting next week during Mobile World Congress.* This is a key milestone in developing a people-centric Apps ecosystem that provides freedom, choice and opportunity for users and developers. We encourage Mozillians to start building HTML5 Apps, especially ones that serve your local communities and areas of interests. When the Marketplace opens for submission, be sure to submit your app. This will reserve your app name and give your app the chance to be featured in the launch later this year. You can find current developer resources at If you have any questions or need help, please send an email on dev.webapps or on irc #openwebapps.

*Note: The marketplace is actually targeted to go live today, but we will be doing a more concerted push (blog posts, etc) on Tuesday, Feb 28 to maximize coverage during MWC. Please feel free to test the site starting today, but hold off on your tweets/posts until we are ready next week.

Our Web API work: A lot of work has gone into supporting and futhering Web and Device API standards in order to make Open Web Apps possible. Brendan Eich posted today on all the effort and progress made on this front - calling out several Mozillians!

Mozilla Persona: This past year Mozillians have been busy building the core of a Web-scale identity system. We've been calling it BrowserID: our name both for the technology and the Mozilla service that implements the technology. As an important part of delivering the solution to both developers and web users, we rolled out Mozilla Persona today. It's our new name for the complete Identity offering from Mozilla. The Add-ons team is also in the process of renaming Firefox Personas. Please see details on Mozilla Persona here.

The press is also beginning to pick up on our momentum as well. Jay Sullivan and our press team worked with The San Jose Mercury News to update them on our product initiatives and how we've stayed true to our mission while evolving with the web. Take a read.

We'll have more news to share next week and will work to give everyone a glimpse of our presence at Mobile World Congress. Until then, thanks for everyone's hard work and keep wearing those hoodies proudly.

Todd Simpson

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